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About Raising The Barr

Our Organization

Dustin was first diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and continued to fight until 2020 when he lost his battle. Throughout it all he remained positive and continued to “Raise the Barr” in everything he did inspiring those around him to create the Raising the Barr Organization.

Raising the Barr began in 2020 with a golf tournament to raise money and support the charities and organizations that supported Dustin Barr in his heroic fight.

Since then the organization has continued to grow and support those in Northwestern Ontario to “pay that care and kindness” forward that Dustin and his family received.

Supporting various charities such as the Special Olympics, Children’s Wish Foundation, the Ronald McDonald Foundation, and the local Tbaytel Tamarack House, Rasing the Barr has grown to be able to also support families directly with funding for those expense that aren’t covered elsewhere.

Continuing with yearly golf tournaments, Raising the Barr is looking to the future with more events and fundraising initiatives to continue to provide the support that is so needed in Northwestern Ontario.

We thank you for your time, energy, and support as we continue to “step outside our comfort zone and reach our goals, even when things don’t go as planned”, as the Barr family does, to keep Dustin’s dream alive.

“Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid; it means you don’t let fear stop you. Fear has two meanings, forget everything, and run or face everything and rise, that’s your choice” - Dustin Barr

Our Mission

Inspired by Dustin Barr’s own journey, his family and friends have come together to support, motivate, encourage, and inspire those walking their own illness journey.

Raising the Barr began as a charity golf tournament that has grown into a not-for-profit organization. Supporting young adults, and their families, who are fighting life threatening illnesses in and around Northwestern Ontario, Raising the Barr has committed to helping those also helping charities and organizations that are doing the same.

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